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Producing a high-performance fuel, more energy-efficient than raw biomass

One of the applications of biochar being heat production, the net calorific value parameter is extremely important. In reality, taking into account the negative impact of water on energetic efficiency, raw biomass net calorific value is much lower than biochar, which contains less than 1% residual moisture. The same applies to raw biomass pellets, whose residual moisture is close to 10%, in the case of wood.

As a result, burning biochar produces more directly usable thermal energy than burning the same mass of raw biomass.

Co-firing in coal power plants

The main industrial application for BIOCAL is the co-firing with fossil coal for electricity production. Substituting some part of the coal by BIOCAL strongly improves combustion as it compensates the inertia linked to bringing coal up to temperature ; this contributes to significantly improve the overall efficiency of coal plant. In addition, substituting part of the coal by BIOCAL reduces the creation of polluting substances and greenhouse gas.

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Soon here we'll offer information about the Alternative Energy sector in France.

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Producing a high-performance fuel, more energy-efficient than raw biomass

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